Public Information

Submitting an Open Records Request

The Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, gives you the right to access government records. All government records are presumed to be available to the public. However, certain exceptions may apply to the disclosure of the information.

Procedures to Obtain Information

Submit a request by mail, fax, email or in person. Include enough description and detail about the information requested (full name, business, contact information, use of the information, etc.) to enable the Jim Hogg County ISD to accurately identify and locate the information requested. Cooperate with the Jim Hogg County ISD's reasonable efforts to clarify the type or amount of information requested.

Requests for information may be made by e-mail to [email protected].

Alternatively, requests for public information may also be made by mail to "The Office of the Superintendent," 210 W. Lucille St., Hebbronville, TX 78361 or by facsimile to "The Office of the Superintendent," at (361) 527 – 4928.

If your request includes your email address, you are granting Jim Hogg County ISD permission to correspond through email, unless you specifically request otherwise.


The Texas Public Information Act gives the District the right to charge for providing copies of public information or access to public information under certain circumstances. If the District determines that a request for information may be subject to charges, each person making a request for public information estimated to be above $40 will be provided with an itemized estimate of charges based upon the rates authorized by Texas Government Code section 552.262.

Information to be released

Jim Hogg County ISD will provide a notification within the 10 working days of the request made. Information will be produced as a first come first serve basis once the request has been received. Once the notification of receipt has been received, the Jim Hogg County ISD will notify the requestor of the timeframe that it will take the district to produce the information requested.

For more information on the Texas Public Information Act and charges that may apply to a request for public information, please refer to Subchapter F of the Texas Government Code, Section 55.

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